Friday, June 06, 2008


These buns were rescued from UVic by my friend Courtnay, who (with her work partner) found them with their dead mother while she was working for the Grounds / Maintenance folks. She brought them to me, and we're taking care of them now. We got them when they were ~7 days old, and we've had them for about 3 weeks. When we got them they didn't have their eyes open, but they do now (rabbits eyes usually open at ~10 days).

They are soooooo cute! We think there are 5 boys and one girl (not sure yet though, they are hard for the vet to sex when they are young).

There are 4 brown ones, a black one with white toes and a gray-and-tan one. They don't have names yet, primarily because we can't tell them apart yet!

They have been eating a formula of 1 part Feline Mammalac (similar to Kitten Milk Replacer/KMR), 1 part water, and 0.5 part heavy (whipping) cream. At first they had to be fed every 3 hours (even at night), but we are now down to about every 6-8 hours. We are starting to introduce solid food, which requires the addition of bacteria (baby buns have sterile stomachs and have no bacteria to aid in the digestion of solid food). Right now they are eating Oxbow Critical Care for Herbivores, which has the necessary bacteria in it to allow them to successfully move to solid food. We still have our fingers crossed, though, because this is a really critical part of their development.

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