Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Everyone is growing up

Well, here we are already in march and no new posts... it's got to be about 1 every 5 months! So I guess it's time for another one!

Celeste and Meganne are pretty well full grown and are doing so well - except for when they have to stay home and get bored and get into things and eat things and then get sick, of course. Celeste also in really getting a fear of big dogs, too - it seems like every time we're out on the field some rude mastiff or great Dane chases her or squashes her - there's one that if she sees she will run for the exit and sit just outside waiting for us. This is not great, since she already isn't really very interested in other dogs, other than Meganne, of course. As Ute says, "Who needs other dogs when I've got a seestar?!"

Here is Celestie-kin at Mom's

Meganne is learning to have lots of fun with other dogs, although generally only if they are smaller than her. She has nice time chasing Toby the pomeranian and Sally the pug, too. However, she will NOT reliably chase and retrieve anything... so much for flyball!

Here she is playing with the frisbee, rather than retrieving it!

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